Another Book List for Growing Your Library

Our friend Jeffrey Breshears has compiled a list of books to enrich your personal library and add depth to your reading.  He has organized his list into seven categories.

  1. Biblical Studies
  2. Christian History
  3. Christian Apologetics
  4. Christian Spirituality
  5. Christian Life and Discipleship
  6. Church Life, and
  7. Eschatology

The books in the Christian Spirituality category reflect his interest in the contemplative aspects of Christian Spirituality.  There is a brief abstract of each book’s content that will guide you in prioritizing your acquisitions.  The list can be viewed at at this link.  Note that he also includes some classic non-Christian works so that we can be familiar with what those who do not share our worldview are using as foundations for their ideas.

These would be a great addition to your Christmas gift list or as gifts for someone who is, or should be, an avid reader.  We think that should apply to every Christian!


  1. Thanks for posting this, Ken. Pretty good list overall, though I do take exception to one recommendation — Viola’s and Barna’s “Pagan Christianity,” which is troubling on a number of levels. Maybe I should review it, eh? Thanks for all you do, brother!

  2. I am a Christian author and would like to send you two of my books for your consideration on one of your upcoming lists. Could you please give me some guidance on how to do this? The two books are: “Peace in the Storm: Meditations on Chronic Pain & Illness” (Doubleday Religion) and “Beyond Pain: Job, Jesus, and Joy” (Twenty-Third Publications). Thank you and may the Lord continue to bless the work of your hands! Maureen Pratt

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